Adding Character To Your Living Spaces

Bland, turnkey homes had their own decade in popularity. Modern homes, however, focus entirely on the opposite; spaces brimming with personality and style, showing off the owner’s unique tastes and preferences in a home.

Character in a home has become a major selling point for homes as well as a key design concept for architects across the board. Clients nowadays require highly personalized homes, featuring mostly minimalistic design with large, free-flowing spaces, with plenty of natural light and subtle pops of colour.

Most such spaces tend to veer towards neutral colour palettes and tones. The idea is that such a space will be easy to decorate and add trimmings to, as such a neutral base will match any other additions.

Pops of character come from little dabs of colour and intricately intriguing patterns in smaller elements. One such element are the vertical blinds that modern design is highly fond of. Minimalist in nature and discreet in its styling, yet completely functional at the same time, blinds are a simple way to give privacy to a home and allow light in when it is needed, without the actual blinds disrupting the look and feel of the home.

In fact, blinds design companies will readily customize them for you. Hence, the pops of colour and character may even be able to be incorporated via roman blinds in Gold Coast that have a unique pattern or a striking colour that stands out against the neutral-toned walls. Specialists in designing and manufacturing blinds will measure out the space and design blinds that complement the space as much as possible.

Additionally, in terms of upkeep and keeping your home looking brand new at all times, these specialist companies also undertake cleaning and repairing of the blinds, so that they are always handled by experts, which contribute to their long life. This is in fact a great advantage, as cleaning of blinds is a tedious and exhaustive task. Such specialists will use equipment specifically designed for that purpose, cleaning them in no time.

Adding character to a home does not mean that one should clutter it with the strange and the quirky. It could simply mean an eye-catching blinds pattern, a unique chandelier or similar centerpiece, or even a rustic headboard in the master bedroom. Seemingly minute elements are what provide personality and style to a home, rather than the more robust instalments of furniture and walls. As such, a unique home brimming with character will benefit are from subtle touches of design rather than a room full of a clash of ideas.

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