How To Get 100 Percent Harvest Yield From Strawberry Plantations?

We all love good juicy strawberry. There is no needed reason to enjoy a good handful of the ruby redness. Strawberries are perfect for a light dessert, into a refreshing smoothie or milkshake or can be enjoyed even as a snack with all the right calories for the figure conscious. These power berries are power packed with anti-oxidants that are needed for our health. There are multiple benefits that we can gain through strawberries. With so many immense benefits, why not grow them in the comfort of your home? It is quite easy and simple to do if you follow these few handy hints. There are many people who make their sole income just by cultivating strawberries that are much in demand in the market. Follow these helpful tips to make you reap plenty more strawberries from your own garden. You can share with others about what you are doing by giving them a garden gift sets.

Removal of the excessive growth

Strawberries can grow wild in healthy fertile soil that is filled with all the needed nutrients. However in order to bask in 100 percent harvest of the tender fruit there has to be constant care towards the plant. Since strawberries are known to grow wild, there will be runners carrying multiple fruits. However it is important that you remove these runners from the base which is supposed to increase the production of more berries. Invest in appropriate gardening tools that will help you remove these runners with ease.

The use of correct gardening tools will let you get the job done with less effort. Once these runners are taken off, the plant receives more nutrients which is important for an increase yield.

Selection of the right variety of strawberry

There are many types of strawberries that are grown and harvested. Therefore when deciding to cultivate strawberries at your home, it is important that you choose on selective breeding strawberries that result in large crops. However according to expert cultivators, it is the short day berry kind that tend to produce large quantities of berries.

Work towards a healthy and fertile soil

It is a known fact that healthy soil will be home for many healthy plants. Therefore before commencing the plantation process it is important that you work towards a healthy and fertile soil. Use a composition of dried leaves, tree barks and compost spread out evenly on the soil bed or around the grown plant for added nourishment and to further enrich the soil. This will also eliminate any unnecessary growth of weed and grass among the strawberry plants.