How To Maintain A Home Garden

As we all know, maintenance eats a huge bunch of time. Only getting a thing is not important but to maintain it is a big question as it is not an easy task. It is applicable to all the aspects of life. For example, if we have bought a new house, we are living in it. If we don’t clean a house on a regular basis then it gets damages and look untidy after a lapse of time. It doesn’t look like as same as the day one. Same rule applies to a home garden.

Garden has living things. Like human beings, they also grow and expands after a time. The sunlight, wind and rain are free. They need all these things to grow so if we do not maintain them, they might get damaged and looks so bad.


Following are the things that need to be done in order to maintain a beautiful garden.

Tree Lopping:

Tree lopping means reduction of excessive stems and leaves which is no longer beneficial for a tree or for a gardeners upper North Shore. Like, we need to cut our hairs after every three months, they also need to get trimmed.

Tree Cutting:

After a time, some trees get dead and they are not able to give fruits and vegetables. They are good for nothing. They do not even grow leaves which gives a shadow in the tree lopping in St Ives. They occupy undue space, it is better to cut them off and plant new seeds for growth.

Plant Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal flowers grow in a specific season. There are different flowers from summers and different for winters. They have their own specialty and fragrances. In the night time, the fragrance spread all around the area as there is no much pollution.


We can even grow vegetables in our home garden. Coriander, mint leaves, lemon, papaya, tomatoes, herbs, onion, red chilies, broccoli everything can be grown in a garden. They do not take much space and fresh vegetables are good for health as well.

Clean Grass:

Grass need a trim every now and then. It grows in an uneven manner and cause difficulties in walking. So, it is recommended to cut the grass so that we can walk barefoot in the morning and enjoy the sunrise and beautiful weather.

Driveway Cleaning

It is so common to have leaves and flowers on the driveway. The high wind breaks unhealthy flowers and leaves from the trees and plant and they spread all over the driveway which looks untidy and messy. It is important to clean once a day.

So, if you own a garden and busy with your own work and jobs then you do not have to worry about if you are residing in Australia. Vision horticulture have professionals and experts who can come to your house for maintaining a garden and driveway cleaning. We are just a call away.