How To Portray Your Personality Through Your House

Your visitors come to your house and catch a whiff of your unique personality and style. Therefore it is quite important to make your house look sophisticated and elegant like you! The article below gives a few details that will help you decorate your house in a way that portrays your unique personality.

Choose the color palette well

Be mindful when you choose the color palette for the house because it can really shape the personality of your house! Try as much as you can to choose a shade that you like because it has to reveal your personality. The color of the walls, furniture and décor elements will all have to work in unison to showcase your incredible taste and style. If you are a quiet and gentle individual, you can choose soft, earthy shades and monochrome palettes. If you have a more vibrant personality, you can opt to play with bolder shades and textures that portray your style.

Get the right furniture

Your furniture can transform your spaces in unique ways. So make sure you pick the right ones that will create the effect that you desire. If you are a modern individual, try to go for sophisticated new furniture that will make your living spaces look futuristic and unique. Stay in touch with furniture shops that sell futuristic furniture and fittings. Subscribe to their online catalogues so that you will be notified when something interesting is designed by them. Always try to keep every part of your house modern and sleek to achieve the desired effect. If instead you are more of an old soul trapped in young body, you can opt to decorate your spaces in vintage themed furniture. Shop around in antique stores and find exquisite ware that will add an old world charm to your spaces.

Make your house smell unique

Buy a diffuser and make your house smell glorious! Try to pick fragrances that you like so that you will be able to truly make your spaces alive. Make sure you light a candle or burn some oil every day to make your house smell great. You don’t have to keep the candles Australia and fragrances reserved for special occasions. Make everyday a grand celebration!

You can get a home fragrance diffuser from any home ware store nowadays. Try to pick some exotic fragrances like cinnamon, vanilla and orange to truly enliven your living spaces.

Own your spaces

You are the master of your house so own each room! Decorate stylishly, passionately! Adorn your spaces with photographs that evoke memories, bring out the strange paintings that appeal to you and invest in all the pretty knick-knacks that please your fancy. You live here so make sure it is perfect for you, not for your visitors! When it is perfect for you, soon it will be perfect for your visitors too.Happy decorating!